Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am a Townie Now

I love it! I know that my sidebar says “The muse is in the woods” and the photo was my backyard, but I think my muse is in the village. I recently purchased a small condo in town, giving up my wonderful rental house in the country. I have never had so much trouble getting settled – unfinished repairs in the condo, things still in the rental, cable still not working correctly after four service calls – but I am so excited to be in town. Not just excited-I am content! I can walk my dog on my lunch hour (five minutes from work). Heck, I can walk to work at my Saturday job at my local yarn store. I can go for coffee or just walk around town and peruse the local shops. What fun!

Sunday afternoon I went to the public library and signed up for a library card. I spent some time there just wandering around. I had forgotten the contentment of just being there. I used to spend many hours in the library, fascinated by all the information available, reading magazines, enjoying solitariness of it all. Barbara W. Tuchman, historian and author said, "To a historian, libraries are food, shelter and even muse." Well, I am not a historian by any means, but I might have a little muse there.

And I have access to modern technology again. I have high speed internet access. Once I get settled, I hope to start blogging a bit. So, stay tuned for that.