Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Gift of Grace

The life that You have called me to, Lord - humility is the power that opens the door of grace and leads me into this life - rich in the power of You. I am still willing to me made willing. And Lord, I can sense that you are, indeed, making me more willing each day. Let me depend on you to lift me out of the miry clay into authentic living in You. It is You, God, who I must depend upon. There is no power within me, or in any other means. It is the power of Christ living in me that can wipe away the effects of all my sin. I, in my own power, am unable to deal with the effects of my sin. ~Amen

This is life changing knowledge. It is only when I embrace the power of the Cross to deal with Me, encumbered by the consequences of my sin (and other's), that I will receive salvation from sin, reconnection to God, and release from guilt.


I did this in first grade. I have since grown a neck and some arms. However, my eyelashes are not quite as dramatic as they used to be.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Claudia Virgina 1914-2007

To Claudia
To me, you are beautiful,

For the inward soul of you
Illumes your cameo face.
So many give from abundance
Of wealth,
But you give from abundance
Of love,
And this is an admirable trait.
When and if in years to come,
Our paths
Seldom cross, I shall recall
Your laughter, quick as
Silver rain
And smiles that hid your
Secret pain.
Remembering how you thought
Of me,
I know you care, and so,
Dear Friend
God Bless You
Is my prayer.

~Ann Jester

Written for my mother by her friend

Monday, October 15, 2007

We Will See....

I don't know what this blog is about yet. Give me some time.