Friday, October 9, 2009

Sign Me Up

I am joining B in the Photo Hunt Challenge for October. I will follow through. I will follow through. I will. There.

My first entry is up there. It is "Something Orange" In the physical world, it is terra cotta, but it sure looks orange to me here. I used Paint Shop Pro to crop all three.

I think this one will be my entry for "Contrast". Maybe. I do like dappled shadows but I might come up with something else.

Hey, I could've had "Something Spooky" and "Something Entertaining" in one shot today. I gave the dog (the big one that B is entering for "Critter") a bath. In the shower. With me. Hey, it is the easiest method I've tried that I can afford. You understand that there are no pictures though. And just let me say this critter smells much better! Can you tell that I trimmed her face a bit as well and her ears? Can you tell that she is completely worn out by it all? I love it when she is worn out. She is too cute. And she really does need a new and permanent home. Any takers? Just leave a comment and I am sure we can work something out.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dragnet Wisdom

A frind sent me this in an email. I love it. Who knew the wisdom Joe Friday and Bill Gannon would apply so many years later? I am not very politically-minded so I hope I don't offend anyone. I just think its great.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Please, No Fainting

Geez, it has been six months since I have posted. Hey, my kitchen window is open again. A lot has happened around here, but that is for another post another day. This post is just an icebreaker for me, more pictures that words.

I decided, for my re-entry into bloglandia, to show you some of my artwork in progress.

First, my most recent creation. I am decorating these letters for my youngest. They were plain, white, wooden letters given to her last Christmas. She was going to paint them so I asked her to let me collage them. It has been great fun. My friend B has been coming over for art dates and these were accomplished while working with her. It is good to have someone there to give instant feedback (not to mention the motivation to actually create!). These are not quite finished. I think that I will add a beeswax finish and put some ribbon around the edges to finish them off. I like them and hope Miss H is pleased when she sees them.

Next are some unfinished (unfinished seems to be a recurring theme) projects that I am working on for a portrait class at Suzi Blu's online school, Les Petit Academy.

This is one of the first sketches done for the class. It was drawn in a sketchbook then pasted into the Moleskine journal and covered with clear gesso. (I love the Moleskine. Just sayin.) I don't know what is going to happen with her next. I have to watch some more videos to see where Miss Blu is taking me with this.

Next, another sketch drawn in a sketchbook but pasted onto wood. You can see how see started out on the left. I was liking her. I added some more shading and I still liked her. I pasted her onto the wood and then... I added the gesso. The graphite smeared. Really bad. I thought she was ruined. I was sad. But never fear. I scanned her and sent her to suziblu. Suzi said "she's not ruined. You can't ruin her. These portraits are shabby. She will be fine". I said "whew". I am anxious to see how she will be finished. I really like her. Her eyes are a bit wonky but I like her mouth and the overall feel of her.

Finally, the gypsies are drawn in the journal. They are fun and were copied from suzi's example pretty close. My details are different but the page layout and theme is all suzi. It's how I learn.

Well, enough unfinished art. I must now take care of business so I can work on my art today. I will post pics of each piece as I finsh it.

Now, let's all go create something!