Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank You, Sondie

I went to my first in person art class tonight at Flynn's Coffee Bar. Artist Amy Smith taught techniques for making collage papers using acrylic paint and other things. She makes many cool things, some of which can be found in her esty store here. We were a nice group of six and it was fun. The picture above is one of my papers. It is painted on a sheet of scapbooking paper which we drizzled paint on and then smeared it around with a pallette knife. After that dried we added various embellishments. Some were created with everyday objects like bubble wrap and drywall tape. Think this one kinda looks like a garden. I am looking forward to more of Amy's classes. I must remember to save my pennies.

I much appreciate my friend inviting me to this.


Amy said...

Thanks so much Candy. It was fun having you in class. I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

Jean Skipper said...

What a beautiful page!

It sounds like Amy's class was wonderful.

Lucy said...

Love your painted papers! Amy is a wonderful teacher, I'm glad you had a chance to join her class. Definitely save your pennies for the next one :)

Brillig! said...

Lovely painted paper!!!
You must have Spring on your mind! :)

B said...

Oh - marvelous! Sondie said it was wonderful, too. I'll have to get the pennies out of Mary's piggy bank and try to go to the next one. Later, chickie. B.