Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Ramblings

  • Oxygen is showing the Olympic Equestrian events every evening. I really enjoy watching. If I had a "do over" in life, I might be there.
  • One day you are cruising along down the road of life and the next day your world explodes and will never go together, just so, again. A co-worker is suddenly making decisions about what course of action makes sense to attack the malignant tumor that is growing in his five year old daughter's brain. Kind of makes EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM that me and all my friends deal with, well, not so big. My co-worker and his family have a positive and hopeful attitude. I am praying for miracles for them.
  • I am working on turning my newly acquired 'extra' room into a studio. I have everything I need. Why don't I get motivated to unpack boxes and put everything in place? Maybe I am afraid of creating. I have what I have longed for, to have a place and the freedom to create, yet I am hesitant to run with it.
  • I finally purchased a really good cantaloupe. Really good. That is one of my joys of the season.
  • I must make a habit of taking my pooch out for long walks. We both need it. The weather is perfect. But I am in the mood to blog. Sorry, Abbey. Maybe tomorrow.
  • I receive a daily email from Ransomed Heart Ministries (John Eldridge). A recent reading titled, The Power of Addiction, was taken from Eldridge's book, The Sacred Romance. Here is an excerpt,
    "This is the power of addiction. Whatever the object of our addiction is, it attaches itself to our intense desire for eternal and intimate communion with God and each other in the midst of Paradise—the desire that Jesus himself placed in us before the beginning of the world."
This really struck my heart. My life has certainly been touched by the addictions of others, the obvious ones. But I am asking God to make me aware of my addictions. The things that I run to instead of Him. Through the power of Christ, I can begin to run to Him instead of the temporary satisfactions that I seek.
These are just some of the things that are rambling around my brain lately.

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