Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Didn't Know I Would Cry

Almost Grown
Isn't she cute?, originally uploaded by candyknits.

My last little bird flew the nest today. She packed up her bedroom, loaded furniture and all, into her dad's truck and took off. What a bittersweet moment. She needed to go. It was time. She needs to be on her own. Try her wings. Find out they work. And me, I wanted her room. I need the space. My condo is not big enough for all her clothes. It is a one person space. So we come to this hard place where the change is. It is right for both of us but it is hard.

I took the afternoon off work and got home as the packing was wrapping up. They came in and cooled off for a minute and then they were gone. I looked around, into what was her room, and thought maybe I better leave too. Riding down the road wondering if she would ever live even near me again I felt my eyes begin to well up with tears. They surprised me.

I pray for her to fly straight and with a purpose. That is my prayer for both my chicks.


B said...

Love you, Candy!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I'm so glad the Lord brought you into my life.


Ken Cross said...

We took Margaret to school this weekend - know what you feel.