Monday, July 14, 2008

I Walked 2.72 Miles Today!

Thanks to Bee for the inspiration. She posted the tool below on her blog and I thought it looked like fun. So I started out by mapping the normal walk that my dog, Abby, and I take. Well, I lost all my exercise righteousness when I discovered that we were not even walking one mile! I will grant that one mile is better than no mile, but I have higher goals so I mapped a longer loop. I think that I will create several so that I don't get bored (or reported for stalking).

I thoroughly enjoy walking aroung the neighborhoods , imagining the lives inside the houses, admiring the architecture and the landscapes, and passing others who are doing the same thing. Abby needs the exercise and she loves the change of scenery after being crated all day. This needs to be a habit. I'll work on it.

Things are beginning to come together ever so slighly in my new condo. I am not good at finishing getting settled after the initial move. Well, I've had my "I'm not gonna look at the mess" time and now I am getting motivated to finish some things up. This weekend I started finishing up the paint job on the last six cabinet doors in the kitchen and.... I finally spray painted the door and drawer pulls and put them back on and I must say, they are lookin' good. I painted the cabinets white and sprayed the pulls glossy black enamel. I like it. I will post some before and after pics soon.

Right now I must find something to eat. Something healthy!


B said...

Good job on your walk! I think you should have a condo-warming party in August. What do you think? :) B.

candyknits said...

Ha! A party? Me? Well maybe I just will. You and Matt are definitely on the short list of people I want to have over. Pray for me to finish unpacking!

BTW, you are welcome to stop by anytime!

Lynn Cross said...

Great walking! I have discovered it as well. I don't think I have lost a whole lot of weight yet, but my dogs (Dallas and Bama) are tired when we are through. Lots of love, Lynn

Ken Cross said...

It was great seeing you today - you bing a big smile to my face. I'll come to the party!