Thursday, February 26, 2009

Drawing Prayers

I promised Belinda over at upsidedownbee that I would share my zendalas. I learned about them from her post, Praying With Art. When I saw the zendala and her magnificent doodle, I knew I had to do one too. She had already piqued my interest in the concept of using drawing to focus your mind in prayer in her post (I can't find it to link to it) about the book, Praying In Color . I purchased the book and played at it a little, but never really took off with it.

The Zentangle / Zendala thing though, that got hold of me. The first one I tried is the b&w one. I worked on it for a couple of days. After that one I wanted to incorporate some color and mixed media art into one which resulted in the one below. I'm not crazy about the way it turned out. I like my girls but the doodle part got lost in the too busy foreground.

This is one example of the many treasures I have gleaned from stalking Belinda. Her blog is definitely worth a read.

Thanks, Belinda, for sharing and inspiring!


B said...

wow! these are great...I love your girls. You have really gotten good at them. I need an art 'play date' over at your house one Saturday so you can show me what you learned from Suzi...:->....well maybe only SOME of the things you learned from Suzi. Talk to you soon. B.

Sondie said...

Wow! Where do you girls get all this creative talent???


Lynn Cross said...

Love the art. They are beautiful. Keep it up. I do not have the patience to even start, or the "sit down ability" to stick with it. I can sit and read, I can sit and "do" the computer, but I don't think I could do that. You have talent just oozing out of you. Love, Lynn

Holli T. said...

Wonderful. I love the color. I tried this last week at Bible Study during the lecture. I think I may be thrown out before the end of the year.

You and B are both really good at it. Me, not so much. :)


candyknits said...

B, Thank you. Yes you must come over for some art fun.

Sondie, You've got plenty yourself.

Lynn, Thanks for the encouragement. I am having trouble sitting down to read a book lately.

Holli, Only you...thrown out of Bible study, hehe. Keep doodling.

Sarah Marie said...

Your drawings are pretty awesome. I love them. What a neat idea, except I can't really draw :-)
You would be a great illustrator - they way you drew those girls. Perhaps if I write a story, I'll come to you for illustrations!