Monday, May 30, 2011

This and That

  • I honor of all those who gave their lives for our freedom! I feel gratitude for the freedoms I enjoy in this country and I pray that we do not lose them.
  • I have been playing over at pinterest. What fun! I love looking at other's boards and it's fun to have a place to corral the things I find and want to keep....much better than bookmarks. If any of you have boards, leave me a comment. I want to see.
  • I am following a new blog. Visit my friend, Lacey, over at humming right along. I like what she is doing there. I am glad to have some new blog candy because some of my old stand-by bloggers are slowing down. Just sayin. (Hey, before I hear any snide remarks, let me just say, I have never been a regular or frequent poster!)
  • I love this 3-day weekend action. Wish my headache would leave, though.
  • OK. Two post in one day? I am a feast or famine kind of gal...yep, I am.

1 comment:

lacey said...

yay, you posted! keep it coming my friend. i really like the two quotes you posted. definitely makes me think about what i put before the Lord. sometimes, it's literally everything-food, crafting, exercise, time with friends. He gets pushed to the end of the day, then to the next day, etc. i have to STOP what i'm doing and focus on Him. thanks for the good reminder. :-)