Saturday, September 10, 2011

Caution: Possible Time Waster

On my daily visit to How About Orange, I found this new toy. It's called silkweave and it lets you create interactive art that looks like silk fibers blowing in the wind. At first I just said, meh. But, I tell you, it is addictive. You drag your mouse around to get it going and you can even control which way it blows. 
If you scroll down, there are some wallpapers to have. That is where I got that pretty image up there.

All we are is silk in the wind. 


Morag Noffke said...

Hi there, I was struck by your comment "All we are is silk in the wind.Sorry." I wasn't sure if you meant it in a positive way or not; as silk blowing in the wind can look so beautiful and grace-ful but your title "possible time waster" and "sorry" made me think it was a negative comment.
It was so thought provoking that I was inspired to write a poem about what I thought of silk blowing in the wind.
Thanks for your blog I enjoy following it.

candyknits said...

Hi Morag, Thanks for stopping by. No, it was my feeble attempt at humor. There was a popular song by Kansas, 'All We Are Is Dust In The Wind'. The silk, it made me think of that song. My 'sorry' was an apology for my feeble play on words. No, I think the images are beautiful too. And I have spent a little too much time playing with the variations in pattern and color. It fascinates and relaxes me.

Its all good. Thank you for your comments. Now I am going to see if I can find your poetry.....

Morag Noffke said...

Oh sorry, silly me :) anyway your humor really got me thinking...I have just posted the poem but as I am new at blogging I am not sure about the protocol. I think I am going to play with color and patterns too when I get the chance. Take care M

lacey said...

i can't wait to try this! i love wasting time. that's so funny we know the same anonymous person. she's pretty great. :-)